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Quick Info :- 

NameRakesh Tiwari , Gangster Shree Prakash Sukla
Bron1973 , Mamkhor village, near hata bazar Gorakhpur.
MotherNot no——–
FatherNot no——–   , He is a teacher
Caste Pandit
Religious Hindu


Shri prakash sukla Biography

Gangster shri praksh sukla was the most famous gunda of Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, also known as Contract Killer. Shree Prakash Shukla took 4 crores to kill Cheif Minister Kalyan Singh of Uttar Pradesh, who had come to know about this by the police officers.  Shukla was killed by UPSTF.  In 1993, Shukla killed a man called Rakesh Tiwari, Prakash Shukla was born in Mamkhor village, near hata bazar Gorakhpur.


Caste & Family

Shree prakash sukla belong to hindu family and her caste is pandit he had a one Sister her Father was a school teacher not know about her mother.


Entery in gangster world crime

This story started in 1943 when Rakesh Shukla or Mr. Prakash Shukla’s sister was going home, when a boy said something wrong to his sister, then Shukla killed him and came to Gangster World, this is the most famous gangster of Gorakhpur. 


Sukala Association with Suraj Bhan

After the first murder, Shukla came in the eyes of Suraj Bhan and after that started working for gangster Shukla Suraj Bhan in Nepal, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar started getting people to recover, gangsters, illegal and from above Sooraj Bhan had a special right hand and Shukla used to celebrate Suraj Bhan as the godfather. Now even the policemen were afraid of Shukla’s name. they are doing many illegal works for him and alway police not get or hold it.

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Plan to kill UP Minister Kalyan Singh

Uttar Pradesh Police used to make a lot of efforts to catch gangster Mr. Prakash Shukla but that hand did not come, then after a few months it was revealed that Shukla has taken 6 crores contracts for the death of Kalyan Singh, Chief Minister (UP) then the same purpose of the police Was holding live or dead then the government gave a chance to kill special task force in which he was killed.

Shri Prakash Shukla :- Age,Biography, Death, Girlfriend, Wife, Family & More - Greatfaces

Facts of shri prakash shukla 

  • Sukla always kept AK-47 gun in your hand.
  • According to plocie report more then 1 crore get hold a skula at that time using surveillance was a coslty process.
  • On the basis of reprots Prakash had connections with leaders like Amramani Tripathi, Ramapati Shastri, Markandey Chand, Jayanarayan Tiwari, Sundar Singh Baghel, Shiv Pratap Shukla, Jitendra Kumar Jaiswal, RK Chaudhary, Akhilesh Singh, and Ashtabhuja Shukla, Madan Singh,Prabha Dwivedi.


Series of gangster shri praksh shukla 

  • On the basis of STF , Sushant Singh played the role of Shukla in the film Sehar, In 2005
  • TV series titled “Gunahon Ka Devta” was released in 2010
  • Zee5 released a web series “Rangbaaz,” in 2018 which was based on the life of Shri Prakash Shukla that story was very hit on that times.


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