193 Best Social Media Essay Topics and Ideas For Students

In recent times, social media essay topics are the trending topics considered widely for academic discussion and essay writing assignments. In our world, particularly after the advent of the internet, social media plays a vital role in connecting millions of people across the globe. Besides establishing a social connection, some popular social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and many more also help people in various ways.

In general, all the social media platforms that exist are operating in a unique suitable to their own purpose. Even though social media applications are beneficial, it also has many disadvantages. As the impact of social media in our society is getting higher, social media is considered a hot subject for debates. Also, the teachers more commonly prefer social media essay topics to assess the academic skills of the students.

Right now, would have to prepare a social media essay? Are you in search of the top social media essay topics for your assignment? Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

In this blog post, we have suggested a list of the best social media essay topic ideas. Also, we have explained the effective ways to write an excellent social media essay.

To know more about social media essay writing, continue reading this blog post.

Social Media Essay Topics

How to Write a Social Media Essay?

Are you unaware of how to write a social media essay? Cool! To come up with a great social media essay, follow the below-mentioned social media essay writing steps in order.

  1. First, read and understand the essay writing instructions shared by your educator.
  2. Matching your educator’s essay writing guidelines, search and find a compelling social media essay topic.
  3. Perform deep research on the selected essay topic and gather the key points for discussion.
  4. Identify a strong thesis statement relevant to your topic.
  5. Prepare a neat and clear essay outline with essential sections such as introduction, body, and conclusion.
  6. Begin writing the essay by organizing your ideas in a proper structure.
  7. Write an introductory paragraph by including a catchy hook, brief background information on the essay topic, and a thesis statement. For the opening hook sentence of an essay, you can use statistics, facts, or famous quotes.
  8. Craft the body paragraphs by explaining all the major points related to your thesis statement with valid evidence or examples.
  9. Close the essay with a conclusion paragraph. The conclusion should contain a summary of all the main points and a thesis restatement.
  10. Double check the entire essay content and edit the errors in it. The final draft of the essay that is ready for submission should be free from errors and should not contain any plagiarism issues.

By following all these steps, you can craft an excellent social media research paper or essay. To escape from plagiarism issues, include a reference page at the end of the essay and cite all the sources that you have used in the essay. Note that, the social media essay you write should be simple, logical, and concise.

When it comes to writing an outstanding social media essay, give a high level of importance to the topic selection step. Selecting a social media essay topic will not appear tough for you when you have a clear idea of how to present your thoughts.

Basically, while you are in the topic selection phase, first decide on what social media essay type you are going to craft your content. If you know your essay type, then you can easily select a topic of that type and define your writing style.

Some common social essay types include Argumentative Social Media Essay, Satire Social Media Essay, and Persuasive Social Media Essay. From all these three social media essay types, you can choose a topic from any type based on your writing skills and interest. But remember, it is not mandatory for you to select a topic of these types. You can also select a general descriptive essay topics on social media and craft the essay in a writing style that is persuasive, argumentative, or satirical.

List of Social Media Essay Topics Ideas

We all know how important a topic is for an essay. Especially for writing a social media essay, there are plenty of social media essay topics available on various essay types. But to search and find the right essay topic, you should invest more time and effort.

As topic selection is a time-consuming task, to make your searching process easier, here we have suggested a list of the best social media essay topic ideas.

If you are running short of ideas, feel free to go through the entire list below and pick the social media essay topic that is convenient for you to write about.


Social Media Essay Topics


Simple Social Media Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the impact of social media on society.
  2. Is social media strengthening relationship bonds or breaking them?
  3. Explain the positive and negative effects of social media.
  4. Describe the world before and after social media.
  5. Explain the effective ways to overcome social media addiction.
  6. Is social media causing more harm than good?
  7. What are the causes and effects of social media?
  8. Is social media a social problem or a social solution?
  9. Discuss the pros and cons of using social media.
  10. Is social media bad for society?

Easy Social Media Essay Topics

  1. Facebook versus Twitter: Which is a better platform to know about political news
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of Facebook messenger
  3. YouTube is the best social networking platform to promote a brand
  4. Social media is breaking the communication barriers: Explain
  5. Political parties and their policies get significantly influenced by social media
  6. Describe how social media influences revolution and activism across the world
  7. Discuss the impact of the rapid circulation of hate speech on social media platforms
  8. How child traffickers use social media?
  9. Discuss the effect of social media on social relationships and happiness
  10. Discuss the impact of social media on the practices related to public relations
  11. Effects of Lack of Social Media Marketing on Papa Pita Bakery.
  12. The Internet as social media: connectivity and immediacy
  13. The role of social media in promoting healthy/unhealthy lifestyles, beauty image
  14. Does social media promote or harm real-life communication?

Interesting Social Media Essay Topics

  1. Is social media used for mass surveillance?
  2. Do social media promote radicalization?
  3. What are the great things we owe to social media?
  4. Are social media sites killing the productivity of humans?
  5. Is social media corrupting the idea of democracy?
  6. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook.
  7. Is social media aiding cyberbullying?
  8. Why is Twitter popular among celebrities?
  9. Explain the regulation of social media to produce a balanced society.
  10. Why do professionals use LinkedIn?
  11. Discuss the adverse impact of social media that we should fight against.
  12. Can the world survive without social media?
  13. Discuss the effect of fake identities on social media.
  14. Do social media create isolation?
  15. Is social media promoting an unhealthy lifestyle?
  16. Influence of social media promotion on brands
  17. Discuss the advantages of disadvantages of using social media posts while making judgments
  18. Is social media responsible for fueling online prostitution and sexual exploitation?
  19. Discuss the impact of accessing social media networking sites on workers’ productivity
  20. The role of social media in cyberbullying
  21. Is social media used for mass surveillance? Why it shouldn’t/should better be used this way?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. What is the weaponization of social media?
  2. Are social making people more narcissistic?
  3. What are the negative psychological effects caused by social media?
  4. Why children should not have social media?
  5. Explain how immigration is portrayed in social media.
  6. How does humor affect mental health in social media?
  7. Why is social media bad?
  8. Is social media websites a good source of political information?
  9. Discuss the impact of social media fame on a person’s life.
  10. Explain the connection between social media use and body image perception.
  11. Positive and negative effects of social media (human society perspective)
  12. Has Social media led to more time wastage than any other activity?
  13. Is there a difference between life portrayed on Instagram and real life?
  14. Is social media affecting learning in schools?

Social Media Essay Topics on Business

  1. Explain the process of hiring through social media.
  2. Is YouTube the best place to earn money?
  3. Discuss the significance of social media online presence for individuals and businesses.
  4. What is the impact of aggressive marketing on T.V. and social media?
  5. Write about business promotions on social media.
  6. Has social media opened a new business way?
  7. Is social media the best platform to do business?
  8. Discuss the impact of social media on business.
  9. How has social media made digital media marketing possible?
  10. How has social media changed the world of business?

Social Media Essay Topics on Youth

  1. Why should parents not allow minors on social media without supervision?
  2. Are teenagers more comfortable talking on social media rather than face-to-face?
  3. What is the right age to join social media?
  4. How has social media affected youth’s moral behavior?
  5. Should under-aged children be allowed to own social media accounts?
  6. What is the impact of social media on education?
  7. Should youths be cautious about what they post online?
  8. Discuss the impact of social media on youth.
  9. Is social media a source of depression in young people?
  10. How has social media changed education?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Do social media affect delinquency?
  2. Why do social media make you insecure?
  3. What are the benefits of multilingual people in creating discourse in social media?
  4. What Social Media Info Helps or Hurts Your Job Prospects?
  5. Why Should Social Media Have Better Age Restrictions?
  6. Why Should People Join Social Media?
  7. Can Social Media Help Save the Environment?
  8. How Has Social Media Influenced Hip-hop Culture?
  9. What is the role of social media in building brand loyalty?
  10. Is social media contributing to loneliness?

Amazing Social Media Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the impact of social media on food culture.
  2. Explain the social media issues related to race and religion.
  3. What is the real value of social media?
  4. Explain the impact of social media on public relations practice.
  5. Is it good to post personal information on Social Media platforms?
  6. Explain the account Management problems in Social Media.
  7. Do social media enhance happiness?
  8. Write about stalking on social media.
  9. What is the role of social media in promoting real estate?
  10. Do social media influence activism and revolution on the world stage?
  11. How do social media influence social awareness in the world?
  12. Will social media change the future of international politics?
  13. Discuss the effect of social media on the purchase decision of people.
  14. Write about privacy in Social Media.
  15. Should educational institutions block the social media sites in their laboratory computers?
  16. Explain the impact of social media within the workplace
  17. How can social media change the attitude of youths?
  18. Talk about the freedom of speech in social media.
  19. What is the role of social media in the life of a musician?
  20. Is the fashion industry embracing social media?

Top-rated Social Media Essay Topics

  1. How to promote a cause using social media?
  2. Explain the relevant theories that support the political power of social media.
  3. What are the different social media platforms?
  4. How do social media lead to rebellious social movements?
  5. What are the implications of social media on communication patterns?
  6. Discuss the hate culture on social networking platforms.
  7. Can social media dating be considered real?
  8. How has social media transformed psychological education?
  9. Has social media killed in-person conversations?
  10. Describe the culture of photography on social media.
  11. Is it possible to live life without social media?
  12. What are the security risks involved in social media?
  13. Is social media bad for relationships?
  14. Is social media promoting social division?
  15. Talk about the crimes that happen through social media.
  16. Has social media increased employment rates?
  17. Has social media destroyed real-life communication?
  18. Is social media an effective platform for communication?
  19. Is social media building complexes in people?
  20. Should social media sites be banned?

Captivating Social Media Essay Topics

  1. What is the role of social media in the contemporary world?
  2. How social media is helpful in learning a second language?
  3. How to create an identity using social media?
  4. Discuss the rumors in social media and their impact on people.
  5. What are the ethical issues associated with social media?
  6. Write about fake news in the age of social media.
  7. Social media and the shopping behavior of college students
  8. Do social media spoil family relationships?
  9. Should there be a kid-friendly social media website?
  10. Talk about student cross-cultural activism in social media.
  11. Direct selling on social media platforms.
  12. Is social media a good theatre platform?
  13. Social media communication and friendship.
  14. Youth’s aggression and social media.
  15. What are the adverse impacts of social media on women?

Excellent Social Media Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the legislative rules of online networking in the United States.
  2. Instagram is a source of narcissism and low self-esteem-Discuss.
  3. Explain the economical aspect of Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Are social networks effective in solving human health or life problems?
  5. Online classes in Messenger App and Distance Learning.
  6. Does strong social media profile help to get better employment?
  7. Is it possible to cope with social media addiction?
  8. Is Twitter going to make newspapers obsolete?
  9. How does Facebook help the voices of vulnerable populations to be heard?
  10. How do people use social networking during calamities?

Great Social Media Research Topics

  1. Discuss the role of social media in eating disorders.
  2. Explain the effects of social media on policymaking.
  3. How do social media affect women’s self-image?
  4. Discuss the significance of social media in organizations.
  5. Discuss the impact of social media on online journalism.
  6. How has social media affected elections?
  7. Analyze the body shaming of teens on social media.
  8. Discuss the impact of social media on revenue management in the hotel industry.
  9. Does the social media influence depend on gender?
  10. How social media has influenced the growth of the make-up industry?
  11. How social media affects you from getting a job?
  12. Discuss the impact of social media on artists.
  13. How to make a friend and maintain a good friendship on social media?
  14. Analyze the power of social media on green consumption.
  15. Should we rely on social media to promote social justice?
  16. Should individuals be prosecuted for their statements on social media?
  17. How is social media challenging fidelity within marriage?
  18. Explain the use of social media in healthcare.
  19. Discuss the role of social media in the death of teens from suicide.
  20. Is social media becoming the most powerful force in global politics?

Social Media Discussion Topics

  1. Explain the role of social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Explain how brands use social media influencers.
  3. In what way the social media addiction affects the academic outcomes of students?
  4. What is the impact of social media on the development of ecotourism?
  5. Discuss why Tik Tok is in the top popular social networks.
  6. Talk about social media in the workplace for military personnel.
  7. Explain how social media has changed marketing in the past 5 years.
  8. Compare the overall popularity of social media with the use of the internet worldwide.
  9. Explain the role of social media in today’s economy.
  10. Is social media one of the worst things that have happened to the world?
  11. What are the psychological harms that social media causes?
  12. Why shouldn’t kids use social media?
  13. Describe how social media portrays immigration.
  14. What impact does comedy have on mental health in online forums?
  15. Are social media platforms a reliable source of political news?
  16. Talk about how social media fame affects a person’s life.
  17. Describe the relationship between using social media and how people perceive their bodies.
  18. Why shouldn’t parents prevent their children from using social media unsupervised?
  19. Social media or face-to-face conversations are teens more comfortable with?

The Bottom Line

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